Saturday, June 2, 2007

Jet Lagged

Jet lag is no fun for all of those who were wondering! I woke up this morning at 3:00!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

North America!!!!

Yay!! We're back in north america now. It feels great knowing I'm on the same continent as you all now! Our flights went pretty smoothly. Well, other than the fact that half of our team wasn't booked on the first flight! It ended up working our though, they took a flight to Amsterdam and then met up with us in Zurich. I"m pretty jet lagged at the moment, I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night! This morning a couple of us went to to Wal-Mart, and whoa was that weird! There's so much stuff!! Honestly, is it really necessary to have 30 kinds of deodorant to choose from! Now that I"m gone from Africa I"m actually a little sad. Who knows when, if ever, I'll be back to Africa. I have tons of stories to share with all of you, but I"d like to do it in person, so I'll save them for when I get home! I'll see you all soon! God bless!

Monday, May 14, 2007


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated this in a while, but I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this, that's why I've been slow to post anything. These past two weeks in Rwanda have been quite a challenge for me. First of all I've been sick basically the whole time we've been here and even had to go to the hospital. It's been difficult because the girls and guys on the team have to do separate ministry things sometimes, because us girls out on the street is just a big show. It slows down ministry because the girls can't go anywhere without getting hollered at and proposed to. I'll be VERY glad when we're out of this environment. Our schedule has changed slightly. We're no longer going to be going to the Widow's of Hope ministry. Brandon, our leader, got a very sketchy email from our contact there, and so he and our other leader prayed about it and we won't be going there anymore. Instead we'll be staying longer with the YWAM base here in Kigali. Last night was probably one of the funnest moments I've had since coming to Africa. All the pastors from the conference we were speaking at came to the compound we're staying at and we all danced and worshiped God for a couple hours. It was a very interesting experience and one which I'll probably never have again. Afterwards they all talked and thanked us multiple times for coming to speak to them. We also have invitations to stay with them if we are ever in there countries. So now I know that I'm welcome in Burundi, Uganda, and the Congo! It seems crazy that I'll be leaving in only 17 days. Overall this has been a good experience, but I"m definatly ready to go home!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Hello! We arrived safely in Rwanda yesterday, and it's so beautiful here! There's about 99% less garbage on the streets here and doesn't smell nearly as bad as Kenya! I think I'm going to like it here. I do think however that's it's going to be very emotionally draining. Yesterday as I was going through the city I saw soooo many people with either no hands, or missing legs, or with some body feature that was mangled. It really brings home the fact that there was such a major genocide here such a short time ago. It's hard when little kids run out to you, hands outstretched, asking for money, or a mother with 2 or 3 babies strapped to them ask you for money. We were told to not give money to anyone though because the children usually use it to buy glue, and we'd just be feeding their addiction. It's so hard to say no though! This afternoon we'll be taking a tour of some of the places we'll be ministering at, and I'll tell you more about it when I learn more. I'll talk to you all later! I love you!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's HOT here!

Hello everyone, I'm sorry for not posting in a while, things have been pretty crazy on this side of the world. The week after we were at the orphange we spent our time in Githurai, one of the large slums here. We did open air evangelism as well as door to door evangelism. It was a very difficult week for me as I was waaaay out of my comfort zone and had been dealing with a lot of homesickness and some other issues at the time. The only way to explain how I got through it was by God's strength. It really was the hardest week so far. God really did a lot through our team though and we got the opportunity to pray for quite a few people and saw many come to the Lord. Last saturday we took an 8 hour bus ride with very loud 90's music to Mombasa, one of the coastal cities in Kenya. We're staying at the Mombasa base which is quite nice and right beside the Indian Ocean. I'm still not adjusted to the hot temperatures. Our room on a 'cool' night is 27 degrees! I'm pretty proud of myself for not screaming like a little girl at all the huge bugs, geckos, lizards, rate, frogs, bats and disgusting millipedes. Oh yeah, someone saw 2 snakes, but I choose not to think about those! We did some door to door evangelism in Mombasa which went pretty well and also worked with a program called Kings Kids. The rest of our time was spent helping out around the base. They had been wanting the prayer room to be painted for about 2 years now, and so some people did that for them and painted a beautiful mural on one of the walls. Tomorrow (sunday) we bus back to Nairobi and spend the night there and then leave early on monday morning to catch our flight to Rwanda. I'm not to sure what to expect when I get to Rwanda, I'm just trying to take things one day at time. I could really use a lot of prayer right now. Africa is a lot harder than I thought it would be and am having a hard time adjusting to everything. Please pray that I make it through the next 33 days alright and that I don't tell myself lies about not being able to make it. I love you all and miss you. Please, please, please write me emails or leave a comment on my blog, I love hearing from you all!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hello everyone! Today was our last day of working at the Imani orphanage. I'm really going to miss it there, the kids are all so special. Tomorrow is our day off and so I think we'll be going to the market, I'm looking forward to that. On saturday we'll start working in the slums. I'm pretty nervous about that because i don't really know what to expect. I could really use some more prayer for health, well actually the whole team could. One team member had to spend the day in the hospital from dehydration. Yesterday I was stuck in bed with a fever which was not very fun. I'm feeling better today, but still not the greatest. Life is a lot harder here than I expected, and I'm now fully aware of all the things i take for granted at home.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

African Adventures

Hi! I wanted to let everyone know that I made it to Africa in one piece. Aside from some missed flights, sprints through airports, and missing luggage I'm doing alright. I never knew that I could go for 4 and a half days with no shower, no deodorant and toothbrush, no pillow and blanket, and no clothes and still be alright. I think with having our entire team have no luggage taught us that it's ok to smell bad, life goes on! Thankfully though everyone but cindy our leader got their luggage back this afternoon.
Yesterday we went to one of the orphanages in the area, and the children were so adorable! One little boy ran straight to me when I got off of the bus and wrapped his little arms so tightly around my legs. It really was the best feeling in the world. I could really use some prayer right now though, I caught a cold on the flight and mixed with being jet lagged I am feeling quite run down. I really need some energy and comfort, I'm quite homesick at the moment.
We have been so blessed by the base we're staying at, the people hosting us are so incrdible and generous. The assinged a male and female to be with our team at all times, even sleeping in the same rooms as us so that they can take care of us in whatver way possible. They are so amazing! I really can't wait to see all of you again! I miss you!